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About the month of November
November is the eleventh month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of four Gregorian months with the length of 30 days. November retained its name (from the Latin novem meaning "nine") when January and February were added to the Roman calendar.  November starts on the same day of the week as February in common years, and March every year.




Election Day is the first Tuesday after the First Monday of November Remember to cast your ballot!  In the United States, elections are held on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November. They therefore fall between November 2 and November 8. In even numbered years, members of the House of Representatives are elected to two-year terms, and about one third of the U.S. Senate are elected to six-year terms. The President of the United States is elected in years divisible by four. Most U.S. states, counties, and municipalities have some part of their election cycle coincident with this date.

Veterans Day - November 11 Remember those who have served. Say thank you to those who are currently serving our country.

World Kindness Day - November 13

Young Reader's Day - November 14

I Love to Write Day - November 15

The Great American Smokeout sponsored by the American Cancer Society occurs on the (third Thursday of November), one week before Thanksgiving. Smokers are encouraged to quit smoking for these 24 hours, in hopes that they will quit forever.

National Adoption Day - Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday of November.

The day after Thanksgiving in the USA is A famous day for shopping known as Black Friday.

 Buy Nothing Day is the day after Thanksgiving in the USA and is observed as a holiday against Black Friday.




    Story Time

    Preschool Story Time happens every Tuesday at 12:30.  Join us!



    Nook and Kindle

    Try this new technology

    Our Nook and Kindle come with some stories already on them. If you are a patron in good standing, you can check one of these out. Try them from the library, before you invest in one for yourself or a loved one.

    You can choose from Blue Gold (Clive Cussler), Dirt (Stuart Woods) No One to Trust (Iris Johansen)and Wyoming Kid (Debbie Macomber) among others when you check out the Nook.

    The Kindle stories include American Holocaust (Bob Lonn), Calico Joe (John Grisham), Midnight Jewels (Jayne Ann Krentz), Wanted Man (Lee Child) and many others.

    Check out a Nook or Kindle and discover how these ereaders work.

    The librarian is more than happy to help you with the technology!

    November Reading Suggestions



    11/22/63 by Stephen King

    Jake Epping travels back in time with the purpose of preventing the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

    Dearest Dorothy, Are We There Yet? by Charlene Ann Baumbich

    87-year-old Dorothy likes to shake things up in her small, Illlinois town.

    Abominable by Dan Simmons

    What could be pursuing the team climbing Mt. Everest?


    Help Yourself by Dave Pelzer

    Abused by his mother, Dave grew up to help others overcome the adversity in their lives through resilience and gratitude.

    End of Days by James Swanson

    A gripping, minute-by-minute account of the day President Kennedy was shot.

    Chain Reaction: A Call to Compassionate Revolution by Darrell Scott

    Rachel Scott, victim of the Columbine shooting, believed she could change the world one person at a time.

    Young Adults

    Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer by John Grisham

    Theodore dreams of being a great trial lawyer, but suddenly finds himsef dragged into the middle of a murder trial.

    The Lab by Jack Heath

    Agent Six of Hearts is a sixteen-year-old superhuman fighting to uphold justice in a corrupt world.

    Sold by Patricia McCormick

    The harshness of child prostitution in India is portrayed through the eyes of 13-year-old Lakshmi.


    The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan

    Rangers are the protectors of a kingdom who fight battles against the forces of Morgarath, Lord of the Mountains of Rain and Night. First in a series.

    Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

    When a twelve-year-old evil genius tries to restore his family fortune by capturing a fairy and demanding a ransom in gold, the fairies fight back. First in a series.

    The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander

    Evil threatens Prydain where Taran is Assistant Pig-Keeper. Taran face the task of destroying the black cauldron with bravery and faithful friends.

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