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Welcome, 2017!

Looking for something to read in the New Year? Try this reading challenge!

Days to notice in January

2nd: National Science Fiction Day. How about trying a Science Fiction book? Reardan Library has many for you to choose!

11th: Amelia Earhart became the first pilot to fly from Hawaii to the mainland of the US. East to the Dawn, the Life of Amelia Earhart would be a good choice for today.

15th: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday. For young people we have Martin Luther King Jr. A Man of Peace.

25th: National Opposite Day. Try some palindromes (words that read the same backwards such as racecar).

27th: Lewis Carroll's Birthday. Choose one of his classics to re-read.

30th: Franklin D. Roosevelt's Birthday. An Untold Story, The Roosevelts of Hyde Park tells the story of Franklin and Eleanor.

31st: Eat Brussel Sprouts Day. 
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