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Read Across America was started by the National Education Association in 1998. March 2 was chosen to commerate the birth of Dr. Seuss. 


  1. Make a date with a book

When you have a good book, you’re never alone. Celebrate National Read Across America day by taking your favorite book for a coffee, glass of wine, or even out to dinner. Sit at the bar or at a table for two and get lost in your book while out in public.

  1. Go to a reading

Groups around the country host readings on National Read Across America day. Check out what your local libraries and bookstores have on offer, and if you have kids, see what their schools are planning. Some events may be looking for volunteers to read out loud to kids — what a treat (and a gift).

  1. Have a birthday party for Dr. Seuss

Invite friends over to celebrate Dr. Seuss and reading! Have Seuss-themed snacks — butter-side down toast, green eggs and ham — and have friends read selections from their favorite Seuss books.


  1. Reading is a great stress reliever

Studies show that reading reduces stress by 68%.

  1. Reading isn’t everyone’s strongpoint

An estimated 40% of students are considered poor readers.

  1. It all adds up

Reading just 20 minutes a day adds up to reading 1,800,000 words per year.

  1. The fastest way to build vocabulary

Children learn 4,000–12,000 words every year by reading.

  1. Classroom libraries create bookworms

Kids in classrooms without mini-libraries read 50% less than kids with classroom libraries.


  1. Reading is exciting

Reading takes us to exciting new places, enchanted lands, and even faraway galaxies. When we read, we can be detectives, explorers, and heroes. Ever stayed up late to finish a book by flashlight under your covers? Or missed your bus stop because you were so engrossed in a chapter? Reading adds excitement to our lives!

  1. Reading makes us smarter 

Did you know that reading actually increases your brain power? It’s true! Regular reading can slow the decline of memory and brain function that comes with age. And of course, as Dr. Seuss says, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

  1. Reading is relaxing

Even reading for just six minutes can reduce stress, according to research. In fact, reading is more calming than listening to music or going on a walk! Curling up with a good book and cup of tea (or another favorite beverage) is one of life’s great joys — and relaxers.



Discover Washington State

Would you like to explore Washington's State Parks? Reardan Library has two Discover Passes that may be checked out. A Discover Pass usually sells for $30 for year-long access. These passes allow for motor vehicle access to lands managed by:

Washington State Parks

Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife

According to About the Pass | Discover Pass, WA - Official Websitethe Discover Pass offers you access to millions of acres of state recreation lands in Washington, including:


The Discover Pass is a motor vehicle permit only. You do not need the pass to access state recreation lands by boat or by non-motorized means (foot, horse, bicycle, etc.). Motor vehicles used to transport recreation equipment, such as vehicles pulling horse or boat trailers, must display the pass. However, the trailers being towed that are carrying the equipment do not need a Discover Pass. Boaters will still need to pay for such services as moorage and waste-pumping.

If you just want to drive through state recreation lands managed by DNR and WDFW and you do not leave your vehicle, you do not need a pass.           


Guidelines for library use 


Masks covering nose and mouth are required. Please wear your own. However, I do have masks inside if you need one.                                                                    

My mask protects you, your mask protects me. Thank you for helping keep everyone healthy!


   Use hand sanitizer upon entering.  



Please remember to stay six feet away from others!  


  If you are sneezing, coughing, sniffling, or if you feel ill, please do not enter the library. We look forward to being here when you are feeling better.


Reardan Library is open regular hours. Because of Covid, we sometimes need to close without much advanced warning. Notices are posted on the door and on the website. We will still be available for curbside pickup. Call 509-994-9997

 Thank you for your understanding.





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When you access the catalog, you will find the holdings in all Lincoln County Libraries and the East Adams (Ritzville) Library! We have joined forces to provide more items for our patrons. At this time, if you put a hold on an item from another library, you must pick up and return the item at that library. In the future, we hope to have the ability to transport the books among the libraries for your convenience.

If you want to see only what Reardan Library has, please choose Reardan from the drop down menu.

Your Anytime Library account and your Lynda learning account access information should not change. 


Wondering What to Read Next?

Have you read all the books by your favorite author? Did you just finish a book that you really loved? Do you want to read another book just like it, but you don't know what to try? The following sites can help you find a book that you will enjoy!

Goodreads: Get recommendations from what you've read or what your friends are reading, rate books that you've read. Also, find the Choice Awards. These are books that have been voted on by readers like you. Goodreads has a yearly reading challenge. You determine how many books you would like to read for the year. Then as you finish your books, record them on Goodreads. An easy way to keep track of the books you read!

LibraryThing: Get recommendations based on what you've read.

What Should I Read Next: One of the best things about What Should I Read Next is that you don’t need an account to sign in. You just type in a book you like or that you’ve read, and it populates a list of similar books. 


Take Classes from home via the


At online software training you can explore topics, learn a software program that you have been wanting to learn, or discover new interests. A few of the topics include

  • Computer Literacy for Windows 10
  • Time Management
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Graphic Design Tips and Tricks
  • Photoshop Essentials


Explore all the possibilities online at The Washington State Library Division of the Secretary of State helps make this service available to patrons of Reardan Library by partnering with us in the cost. 

Proquest is another resource that is available to library patrons. Proquest is an online database. See "Research Databases" on the left side of the menu to access Proquest. 

You can access these resources at home with your library card, or you can come in and use one of our three desktop computers, one of our many tablets, or our laptop.







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