Reardan Memorial Library serves as a public information provider for our community, using traditional and innovative technology to encourage curiosity, free inquiry and lifelong learning in a friendly environment.

         Patrons, did you know that one way of preventing youth suicide is to prevent youth from abusing alcohol and drugs? The latest research shows that suicide ideation and attempts increase as drug use increases among teens. 

Reardan has a group of concerned adults and young adults who try to help prevent students from using and abusing substances. RECAP is funded through grants from the government. 

You can help RECAP by taking the following survey:

By taking the survey, you help to continue to fund programs for underage substance abuse prevention. Help RECAP help the youth of our community. Thank you!

Reardan Memorial Library

is now live online with

Wheatland Libraries!


When you access the catalog, you will find the holdings in all Lincoln County Libraries and the East Adams (Ritzville) Library! We have joined forces to provide more items for our patrons. At this time, if you put a hold on an item from another library, you must pick up and return the item at that library. 

If you want to see only what Reardan Library has, please choose Reardan from the drop down menu.

Your Anytime Library account and your Lynda learning account access information should not change. 



Guidelines for library use 


Masks covering nose and mouth are required. Please wear your own. However, I do have masks inside if you need one.                                                                    

My mask protects you, your mask protects me. Thank you for helping keep everyone healthy!


   Use hand sanitizer upon entering.  



Please remember to stay six feet away from others!  


  If you are sneezing, coughing, sniffling, or if you feel ill, please do not enter the library. We look forward to being here when you are feeling better.




What are you reading this year?


This month's recommendation is

Christmas Romance


The Long-Awaited Christmas Wish

Christmas from the Heart

The Christmas Backup Plan

Holding Out for Christmas






Have you explored our

Online Catalog?

You can now go online to look at our catalog. Please go to catalog on the horizontal menu bar of the website. You will leave the website page and be taken directly to the catalog.

To Log On the first time:

firstname.lastname for log in. (No capital letters.)

your password is your Last name. (Capitalize the first letter.) 

Go to "change your password" on the left side, and change your password.




Now you can:

  • place holds
  • renew items
  • see what you have checked out
  • update your personal information
  • suggest books for the library to buy
  • receive notices of overdue books

all on line!

Please also enter your email address. This will enable you to get notices about when books are due, overdue books or holds that are available.

When you change your password in our system, that will change the password with Overdrive and also.

The above login procedure also works for our new online training. 



What do you want to learn?



Take Classes from home via the


At online software training you can explore topics, learn a software program that you have been wanting to learn, or discover new interests. A few of the topics include

  • Computer Literacy for Windows 10
  • Time Management
  • Communicating with Confidence
  • Graphic Design Tips and Tricks
  • Photoshop Essentials


Explore all the possibilities online at The Washington State Library Division of the Secretary of State helps make this service available to patrons of Reardan Library by partnering with us in the cost. 

Proquest is another resource that is available to library patrons. Proquest is an online database. See "Research Databases" on the left side of the menu to access Proquest. 

You can access these resources at home with your library card, or you can come in and use one of our three desktop computers, one of our many tablets, or our laptop.








Happening in Reardan


Please help RECAP by taking the following survey:

By taking the survey, you help to continue to fund programs for underage substance abuse prevention. Thank you!

We C.A.R.E.

(Care About Reardan Edwall)

is an outreach of common ministry, sponsored by community members and the church congregations of Reardan. 

Food Bank Open:


December 2    1:30 - 3:00


 December 17      5:30-7:00


During this time, only one person will be allowed in the food bank at a time.

We C.A.R.E. also provides  other emergency needs of the community, by request.

We C.A.R.E. coordinates the Reardan-Edwall School District Bite2Go program for weekend food packs (sign up through the school office).



If you have an emergency need, please call

509.818.0146 or email



For Updated Corona Virus information in Lincoln County, visit


Wondering What to Read Next?

Have you read all the books by your favorite author? Did you just finish a book that you really loved? Do you want to read another book just like it, but you don't know what to try? The following sites can help you find a book that you will enjoy!

Goodreads: Get recommendations from what you've read or what your friends are reading, rate books that you've read. Also, find the Choice Awards. These are books that have been voted on by readers like you. Goodreads has a yearly reading challenge. You determine how many books you would like to read for the year. Then as you finish your books, record them on Goodreads. An easy way to keep track of the books you read!

LibraryThing: Get recommendations based on what you've read.

What Should I Read Next: One of the best things about What Should I Read Next is that you don’t need an account to sign in. You just type in a book you like or that you’ve read, and it populates a list of similar books. has more than

3,500 learning activities across all major subject areas

and 450 lessons for ages 2-7.

Help your child build a strong foundation for future academic success.

Come into the library and play and learn.

The free lessons are only available at the library.

New Titles at the Library
Made possible with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services
through the Washington State Library, Office of the Secretary of State.