The Reardan Library began in 1915 when a local pastor asked people to bring books to an affair. This was the beginning of the Reardan Library; the 100 books that were brought to this event were housed in the local drug store. Later, an old millinery shop was obtained and used as the library. The current facility was built in the 1940's to house a Medical Clinic. In 1966, after the clinic closed the building became property of the town to house the city hall and the library. Remodeling was done in 1966 by volunteers from the community and the local Lions' Club to turn seven small rooms into one large room for the library. Thousands of volunteer hours were spent on this effort.


The Reardan Memorial Library was recently the home of the Joe E. Mann Memorial which includes his Congressional Medal of Honor. Pfc. Mann was awarded the Medal of Honor for "conspicuous gallantry above and beyond the call of duty." Mann was wounded four times in a battle near Best, Holland, but insisted on staying on guard, even though his arms were bandaged to his side. When a grenade landed within a few feet of Mann, he fell on the grenade since he could not raise his arms. The sacrifice of his life was an inspiration to his comrades. 

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